MUALA Librarians Enrolment

Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences!  Members of the McMaster University Academic Librarians Association are highly valued within the Faculty of Health Sciences, whose contributions really make a difference to the advancement of education, research and care within McMaster University.  We are happy you have decided to join our Health Sciences community.

The following section contains information to assist you with your enrolment in payroll and benefits, along with helpful resources related to your role as an employee in the FHS.  In particular, we recommend reviewing your Collective Agreement  as it provides an overview of your rights and responsibilities as a MUALA Librarian.

Begin by reviewing the tab Getting Started below, and follow the instructions provided.  For assistance with your enrolment, please refer to our Enrolment Guide for MUALA Librarians.  If you have any questions as you review the information and complete the forms, please contact your HR Representative.